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Our favorite place in the world

November 05, 2007   |   by Rachel

Jared and I brought Win and Harriet to our favorite place in the world-my parent's lake cabin. The Cabin has been in our family for over 35 years. I grew up going there in the summers and Jared and I spent our honeymoon there. It is truely one of the most fabulous and beautiful places in the world.

To understand The Cabin you have to understand the geography of it. It is on a beautiful fishing lake in Nowhere, Indiana. Speedboats aren't allowed and only half of the lake has houses on it. The Cabin sits on a point that faces west. Every evening the sun sets over the water and trees and shines through the big picture window. There is water on 3 sides of The Cabin so everywhere you look you are surrounded by the lake. The inside of the cabin is cozy and beautiful, with a fireplace and warm decor. My parents have been working on it a bunch over the last couple of years and it is as beautiful as ever. This is Diamond Lake. The Cabin is on the point.Closer.The Cabin at nightThere is water to my back, on my left and on my right. That's my dad working on the door jam.My parents came and visited for an afternoon. Win loves them! Whenever anyone talks about them he says, "black truck" which is my dad's Toyota pick-up that they drive.My mom and Win played blocks.My Dad showed Win some swans.Jared showed Win how to use binoculars.He didn't exactly get it.We cuddled.We read books.Win sat in a big boy chair.We just did a whole lot of nothing, and loved it.Win "napped" while Jared and I packed the car to go home. We thought that this picture of his "nap" was pretty cute.


Betsy King2007-11-05

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful place to go and get away with family. Love the pics and great to see you guys too!

grma dean2007-11-05

Looks like you had a great time at a very restful spot. So glad you enjoy it so much.

Postmaster Steve2007-11-05

W00T! Jared is reading Win "The Big Book!" :D

Wow, that place looks fantastic. We once rented a cabin similar to that on Torch Lake in the fall of 2006. That late in the season everyone had gone south.

It was peaceful and produced a plethora of possibilities for pensive ponderings. Ah, autumn - what a ripe time to recoil from the rhythm of the race, and render the rejuvenation of rest and relaxation!

Glad to hear it was great ;)


What a special spot, thanks for letting us 'blog it' with you.