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Past the Christmas Rush

January 01, 2009   |   by Rachel

We had a wonderful little Christmas this year. Jared and I have never really done much gift giving to each other. Some years we'll pick a big item that we both want and buy that. But usually we don't really do anything for gifts. Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas! We go to parties, have parties, buy gifts for our family members and friends, the works. I even love buying gifts. Early on in our marriage we found that buying for each other was frustrating. Now that Win is a little older this year was the first that we bought stuff for Christmas for our kids. It was really fun! Harriet got a tunnel. We brought it to Jared's parents house to share with all of the cousins. It was a hit! Win got a set of creamy crayons and several coloring books. He likes to color food items and then pretend to eat them. Jared and I got haircuts (okay, it was a little more fun for me but Jared was a good sport.) Win has been really fond of helping me cook lately. While at Grandma's house Win saw Rachel Ray on the television. He started jumping up and down and shouting "That video is about COOKING!" I honestly think that given the choice between Veggietales and Rachel Ray he would choose the latter. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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Love your new look for the site :) And great pictures too! We had fun with you guys in Michigan. Thanks for all your help with Chloe's curly locks as well!!

christy pacanowski2009-01-01

love that pic of you!!! nice lens...looks like my 135!


The tunnel was a hit, more than one adult tried it as I remember. Great pics.