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Palm Tree Liker or Baby Carrie

January 15, 2010   |   by Rachel

Yep, it's true!  We found out yesterday.  We are expecting number 3 to arrive in late September, probably near Harriet's 3rd birthday.  Many of you know that this has taken us a little longer that we'd have liked.  We're pretty excited to have this 3rd little one in our family. Winfield and Harriet already seem pretty happy about it.  Win likes to talk to the baby.  They both really want to have a part in the naming decision.  Today at lunch they were brainstorming ideas.  Harriet suggested Animal, Chewies and Baby Carrie.  Winfield came up with, Espung, Yellow Pill Liker, S, and Wall.  He finally decided that Palm Tree Liker was his first choice.  Harriet seems to have decided that Baby Carrie (from The Little House on the Prairie Series) is her primary choice.  We told them that we'd consider their suggestions.



Congratulations! That's SO exciting! Hoping you have an easy pregnancy...:)




ooooooooooooooohhhhh............we are SO HAPPY for you! what wonderful news. sounds like the kids are pretty happy too. can't wait to see how you can birth another child full of so much character and cuteness!

Mrs Kool2010-01-16

Rachel...I am so thrilled for you all! I'm also super excited that our children will be so close in age and can be little buddies! Congratulations!!!!!!

Mrs Kool2010-01-16

Oh...and we promise not to use Baby Carrie or Palm Tree Liker for our baby!!!


!!!!!!!! they each want to replicate each other! I second. I'm so happy for you!


Grandma Jan is excited!


Grandma Jan is excited!


Wow - pregnant friends make me smile so big!!! Love you guys and looking forward to more of your wonderful children in the world.


I love that Win wants "another little sister"! So cute!!

Steve Post2010-01-16

Hey, congratulations Hendersons! How very exciting! I'm with Harriet - you can put me down for Chewies. ;)



kerri banyas2010-01-16

OMG! Congratulations!! I am so excited for you!


How cute are your kids? Oh my word. Please go with Palm Tree Liker. It's so original. Also, I love that Harriet likes "baby Carrie" but wants it to be a boy. Hmm. Congrats!

Benjamin Tennant2010-01-16

Yes! What a miracle. I'm so pleased to hear this. I have been praying for you both to this end consistently, which makes it doubly special for me.


That is great news!! We will love having grandchild # 6!!

Betsy King2010-01-16

That is wonderful news!!!! WOW! Ok, I have GOT to get caught up with you! I can't remember when Hattie's birthday is!!! Email me how far along you are! I want to trade maternity clothing ideas!!! This is SOOOOO wonderful!!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!

Betsy King2010-01-17

I'm so dumb. You say that you are due in Sept. DUH! STILL SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Kelly Braman2010-01-17

**AWE! How exciting, Rachel! I am so happy for you and your sweet family! Now we will totally have to drag Betsy up here and do a belly shoot with you two baby mamas & all of your photog friends:)


What fantastic news!!!! I just returned from my annual Mexico mission trip to hear the good news from Jan. Woo Hoo!! I have been praying for your baby almost every day for months. What a blessing!! My vote is for a boy named after another American war hero. Love, GG