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Patiently waiting...

March 20, 2011   |   by Rachel

...for the new baby Lam. I've known Melissa since 1997.  Our friendship started in the beginning of freshman year at Hope College.  It's seen many phases in the last 14 years.  She even lived in our upstairs apartment for 5 years.  And now she's becoming a mom.  I'm very excited for her and the arrival of her little boy.  Yesterday Harriet and I had the honor of throwing her a shower.  It was really nice to spend a Saturday morning with friends.  This was Harriet's first shower.  I think that she got the hang of it.

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Looks like fun and you two as always look like sisters :)

Lisa Koedyker2011-03-20

Rachel...you threw an amazingly beautiful shower! The food was delicious and so pretty to look at. Your games were so fun. Thank you for being a wonderful hostess. Melissa...you are a radiant Mommy-to-Be, and your little baby is blessed to have you!

Erin G2011-03-21

What fun! Missy looks so radiantly pregnant and beautiful!


These are the first pregnant pics I've seen of Melissa! Sorry I missed it! How did Beverly make it? Love the blue decor!