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Pilates Challenge

September 21, 2007   |   by Rachel

Randall had stopped by for a visit the other day just as Missy was leaving for her Pilates class. Within seconds he started teasing Missy. To prove the rigorous nature of Pilates Missy challenged Randall to The Ultimate Pilates Challenge. Randall, not to be out smarted, dropped to the floor immediately and began doing The 100 (a standard Pilates move).
Winfield, loving the action, began his own version of The 100. Within another 60 seconds both Randall and Missy had left Jared, Win and I wondering what had just happened. It was like an attack of random silliness with a Pilates twist.

The little girl is still taking her time.

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I like Win's standing 100.

sheetal patel2007-09-22

love the new blog header :)