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Playing with the light

November 12, 2008   |   by Rachel

Win was in our living room playing with one of our reading lights. I thought that I would play with the light a little too. This is great example of how the dynamic range of a camera is much smaller than the human eye. When I shot these pictures I could see plenty of things on our living room. The light was dim, but I could see. WInfield was really close to the light so he was really bright. The camera can only see either him or the living room, but not both at the same time. My eyes could see both. When taking pictures avoid high contrast situations (unless you know what you are doing). This is one of the reasons that shade is much easier to take pictures in than sun is. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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hi there. janna's friend, jaime, again. i couldn't help but to comment on these photos. win is such an adorable little boy and your talent is amazing. :) do you happen to have any advice as to which DSLR camera i should buy? i'm a newbie, but would like something to "grow" with me. thanks again for your inspiring work! jaime lenhart