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Project Runway

November 29, 2007   |   by Rachel

Win has been into fashion lately.We thought we'd let him figure out how to use the sewing machine so the he can be on next season of Project Runway.

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that is a great idea--i love project runway! i'll root for you, win!


clueless as to what that is, but love the pics.


he loves that sewing machine! when he grows up, he'll write novels with recurring sewing machine images--representing all that is good and unattainable.

sheetal patel2007-11-29

ah, the headphones as inspired by one jay mccarrol of season 1? way to get a jump on that collection, win!

did you see my photo on me ra's blog? it's one of the photos i took at that event in october.

Rachel Henderson2007-12-01

Congrats Sheetal! That is such a beautiful picture. What an honor to be picked as one of the finalists.

Anyone who wants to see Sheetal's work it check out here and vote while your at it.