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ProPhoto - A Premium WordPress Theme for Professional Photographers

January 31, 2008   |   by Jared

prophoto2.jpg Since I spent a bunch of time building this WordPress Theme for Rachel's blog, I thought I'd make it publicly available to other photographers. ProPhoto Wordpress Theme can now be purchased here. I posted about this in a photographers forum yesterday, and have already sold two copies! I built the the website while staying up most of the night while stranded during the blizzard two nights ago. I'm pretty productive during inclement weather, I guess.

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jared- that is really cool!! you are gonna rock at this web development thing! i am so jealous of how ya'll's blog looks (even the old blogger one!) i'm so happy that this transition seems to be going well! :) maybe you guys all need to make a road trip down here so rachel can take pictures for the dubose website?? (ok, maybe that is me making up reasons for you to come visit, but...think about it!) really, really cool software. is it software?

Betsy King2008-02-01

Good for you!!!!! It's beautiful!!!! So, I have to ask. The green and yellow graphic, did you create that too? It's all so pretty and very Rachel.

Jared Henderson2008-02-01

Do you mean the background image? No, we didn't make that. Bought it for a buck off stockphoto.com or something like that...

Viva Photography2008-05-12

I like the way you have customized the template and made it your own, when a lot of people buy the template and don't bother changing or personalizing it. Kudos

Christy Pacanowski2014-03-03

this is so great. i stopped by your blog to find your discount code rachel, and read this….the birth of pro photo. so cool :)