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March 20, 2014   |   by Rachel

So, we've been doing a little bit of redecorating at our house this winter.  I thought that the blog needed some photos. This is looking from the stair well down into the new dining room.Standing at the top of the basement stairs looking into the kitchen.Standing in the new living room, looking into the kitchen and dining room.Our new living room!This is our main floor bathroom. Master bedroom/library.Standing on the stairs looking into the living room.This is Win's bedroom.  The shelf on the top left is his bed.  Harriet's is the same way.  Dale and Huck have bottom bunks.More photos to come.


Betsy King2014-03-21


Melissa Lam2014-03-21

Oh my gosh- I am loooooving the ceiling in the kitchen!!! And the open stairs! Absolutely amazingly beautiful!!!! AAAAAH I love it all!!!

Cheri Tobey-Gibson2014-03-21

That's A major remodeling job! It looks beautiful. I bet you're eager to get it done and get back home and settling in though