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Relaxing and Reading at The Cabin

April 15, 2007   |   by Rachel

Jared, Win and I spend the last several days in Indiana kicking back at The Cabin. My parents now own a little lake cabin on a beautiful, peaceful lake about 2 1/2 hours south of Holland. It has been in our family for about 35 years. I've been going there my entire life, Jared and I honeymooned there, now we like to make several visits a year. It is the perfect place to do very little, read, nap and get a sunburn if the season is right. Winfield decided to take a break from his day to read a little.



that is a great picture!


This picture made me think of Rudy for some reason :)

sheetal patel2007-04-16

what a studious young man!


Can't imagine Win and relax in the same sentence.