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Roughing it.

September 14, 2010   |   by Rachel

This summer has been uncharacteristically warm for Holland.  And by warm I mean it was usually in the upper 80s. A while back we invested in a high-end fire pit (i.e. stole Bob LaBarge's birthday present from him, nearly ruined it, never returned it, and loved it for nearly a decade.)  We light it up often for nearly all social events.  Really, how can a party be lame when there's a firepit?!  But this summer we've had a dirth of opportunities to fire it up.  It's just been too hot for comfort. The last couple of weeks have been crisp, and beautiful--perfect for an evening around the fire.  Last week we decided to wrap up some veggies and meat to cook up good old fashioned hobo dinners.  They were delicious!  The kids loved making them and Jared did a perfect job flipping and cooking them.  If we ever lose our house and have to make it on the streets at least my husband has the skills to cook up a mean hobo dinner.  If we can figure out a way for Javascript and Object Oriented Programing to work on the street too, then we'd be set.

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