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Round 4

February 15, 2008   |   by Rachel

My camera's back!  Thanks Canon for being so quick.  It was gone for only 8 days. Here's a quick shot of what I found when I went in to check on Win and the progress of his nap.  The sock drawer is just a little too tempting for him.  I too find it difficult to sleep when I'm too near my own sock drawer (sarcasm intended!). Just a little note.  The arm warmers that he is wearing were not the arm warmers that I put on him before his nap.  He remover the striped warmers and put on the blue herringbone ones.  I think it's because technically the striped ones are Harriet's and the blue ones are his. 080215_socks-0015-edit-edit.jpg

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Grandma Dean2008-02-17

Very busy little fellow. There is just too much to do to be wasting time sleeping.