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Safe but hospitalized

October 27, 2009   |   by Rachel

Harriet and I spent the night in the emergency room last night and she's at the hospital now.  She's had a hoarse voice and croupy cough for the last couple of days.  Last night she woke up coughing and was having a very difficult time breathing.  Her breathing was very loud, her chest was sinking in with each breath and she could just whisper to talk.  I took her to the hospital while Jared stayed with Win, who is sick too.  After a dose of steroid and 4 breathing treatments her breathing could still be heard down the hall.  She was admitted this morning.  Jared is with her now. She was a real champ all night last night.  We brought her to the emergency room where we sat and read books, she ate hospital crackers and was sweet, smily and floppy.  At one point she had some x-rays taken.  They tied her to the little stool about 5 feet in the air and then arranged her arms into strange positions.  She sweetly held the position while the x-ray tech walked behind the glass the take the x-ray.  It was impressive.  She stayed awake from midnight until 7am being weighed, poked, x-rayed, nebulizered, oxygen tested, and systematically annoyed.  Nearly every time the nurses left she would whisper, "thank you" as they left. She's sleeping now and her breathing has improved.  The diagnosis is croup.  I'm glad that she is in the hospital where she can me monitored.  We're not at all concerned, but I thought that you all'd like to know what's going on. Oh, she repeatedly let me know that she wants to tell Win about the new dress that they gave her at the hospital :-)

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Betsy King2009-10-27

Praying for you guys. What a little trooper you have (and you guys are!)


oh, my. how scary. glad she is doing better.


I'm glad she's doing a bit better. Levi just got over his second round of croup but it never was that bad. It's so scary to me when the issue is breathing....because there's not much we can do about that without a doctor's help. I hope she comes home soon :)