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Saturday...a day for fun, presents and new 'puters

March 09, 2008   |   by Rachel

Saturdays around here are really fun. I love them. We don't do much, just hang out and play. Jared's home and the kids love hanging out with Daddy all day. Yesterday morning I was excited to tell Win that it was a Saturday and Daddy would be home ALL day. I said, "Do you know what today is? Today is Saturday! What happens on Saturdays?" Win replied, "Presents?" recalling that last saturday we celebrated his birthday and he opened presents. Amazed that he had remembered that the whole birthday/present experience did truly happen on a Saturday I asked him again. He said, "Daddy new 'puter?" referring to the new computer that arrived in the mail the Saturday before. Again I was amazed at his memory. Here are some pictures of the last 2 Saturdays. Here's Win wondering what is in the big box.


Things becoming a little more obvious. 080223_hug-0044-edit.jpg Here are the boys ogling at the new 'puter 080223_hug-0054-edit.jpg Win loved ripping (usually a forbidden activity) the paper off the book presents that he received. He's been lovin' his new books all week. 080301_party-0022-edit.jpg 080301_party-0030-edit.jpg He also really enjoyed eating Henderson chocolate peanut butter cake. 080301_party-0038-edit.jpg 080301_party-0040-edit.jpg

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Looks like a great day...presents, a book, a treat and a Mac! What more could you want?


I love Saturdays too. Nothing better than hanging around!