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School Assignment

December 11, 2013   |   by Rachel

The kids go to a school on Wednesdays for homeschool kids.  Win came home with a writing assignment.  They've been studying Michigan this year and his assignment was to write about a place in Michigan that he's been that was fun and isn't Holland.  He ran in the door after school and quickly wrote this.  He usually doesn't care much for writing unless he has something that he's really eager to write about.  This was one of those things. Detroit We go to Detroit four or three times a year.  We go for sumer vacation on Christams thanksgiving and sometimes a fourth time for a Diffferent occasion like easter or valentines Day.  They have a Big house and a swimming pool with a diving board and a water slide not to mention a pool toy room.  Their Basement even has a Door with stairs leading out to the pool.  P.S. this is my grandma and grandpa's house I am talking about for the whole time.   Thanks Goose and Grandma Jan for having such a fun Michigan place to visit.


Judi Bowman Delis2013-12-11

No problem reading Winns great adventure at grandma and grandpas's house. His story us excellent and writing is better than some of my staff LOL!

Bruce Henderson2013-12-12

I didn't need the translation you wrote at the bottom as I could read every word. I think it is an excellent summary of all the good times we get to share wi th you here. Thank you very much, Win!