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Shameless bragging continued

March 06, 2008   |   by Rachel

In addition to knowing his letters, Win is really good at coloring. We bought him some crayons for his birthday and he's really taken a liking to it. How do you like the cookie monster that he* colored? 080304_color-0065-edit.jpg Randall, our neighbor and friend, came over yesterday. His mother is sick and in the hospital. He borrowed Win's crayons to make her a card. 080304_color-0052-edit.jpg Win shared very nicely. 080304_color-0024-edit.jpg 080304_color-0009-edit.jpg They both worked diligently on their respective projects. 080304_color-0020-edit.jpg *Truthfully, Win didn't really color the cookie monster in the first picture. That's what in know among professionals as a "camera trick." The secret: I inserted a pre-colored image onto the table. He took a crayon and began coloring on top it it, creating the illusion that he had actually colored like an adult. This is a secret little professional trick that I am willing to reveal. ;-)

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Grandma Dean2008-03-06

You are so sly. Looks like Win and Randall are having a great time!


Didn't fool me a bit. Looks like fun stuff.