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Sky Lanterns

December 20, 2010   |   by Rachel

My sister and her boyfriend came over for the evening last week. For Christmas they brought a fabulous gifts. The introduced us to sky lanterns. These things are pretty amazing! Anything that involves flying fire balloons is alright in my book. They were a blast! And the kids liked the too :-)


Jay Studio Photography2011-01-04

wow. these sky lanterns are really cool! i've actually never seen them before.


Those are beautiful! That looks like lots of fun!


Wow, I want one.


omg, we saw about 30 of these going off one night. It was amazing how high and far they go! So awesome! I'm going online right now to buy some for new years!!!!

Beth Scholze2010-12-22

These are fun....they were flying all around here last winter, until they were banned. In Germany there is a law against anything flying higher than 100 meters....which they did, so they banned them....said they interfere with the aviation fields...or something like that. Have fun while it lasts! Beth

Mrs Kool2010-12-22

If you see the movie "Tangled," you will love these even more! :o)

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