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November 16, 2008   |   by Rachel

Yesterday our friend Matt married his best friend Dana, and I had the privilege of photographing their wedding. I'm not joking when I say that I cried a half a dozen times yesterday. Matt and Dana have the kind of relationship that reminds me of everything good. There are some relationships that call any cynic to task and theirs is one. They are both totally taken with each other, best friends, sweet, kind and passionate. It was my honor to record it. Here are a couple of my favorites from Matt and Dana's wedding. [gallery size="full" columns="1"]

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they look spectacular. I'm sure she will be thrilled!


wow! her face is, like, perfect! beautiful intro, beautiful pictures. I'm glad Ron Wolthuis made it into one.

Lisa K2008-11-17

She is absolutely gorgeous, and the pictures say it all! I love looking at wedding pictures!


Perfect ..