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Some call him 4 eyes

January 10, 2009   |   by Rachel

After several months of coughing, and four days of fever, coughing, never-ending snot flowing from his nose and very little appetite we got Win some additional help. He's been battling a nasty cough all winter. When I was a kid I had the same thing all winter long. Unfortunately he didn't get his french horn playing father's lungs. He got his sputtery, easily irritated mother's. Here's what we've done so far:

  • Tipped his bed on an angle
  • Run a humidifier in his room day and night
  • Fed him nothing but health food (when he eats)
  • Let him play in a warm steamy shower several times a day
  • Smeared Vick's on nearly every body part (even his feet)
  • Put an air purifier in his room
  • Gotten him to sleep as much as possible
  • Given him Tylenol for his fever
  • Liquid aloe, and vitimins for his immune system
  • Lots of water
  • We even moved him out of his bedroom when we saw a hint of mold growth on his walls (possibly from that day and night humidifier)

His cough persisted and we were out of tricks. We brought him to the doc and she prescribed some of the hard stuff. About 2 dozen times a day he says in a sweet pleading little voice, "but I still have a cough." As if to let me know that the thing that I just did to help him and he would like me to do something that does help. Hopefully breathing from this "dinosaur" will. aimg_8827-photoshoped

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Barb Naylor-Tatterso2009-01-17

Adam had one of those contraptions and we called him "pufferman"...poor little fellow!


i love that picture


Poor thing, that looks a lot like Chloe's.

Steve Post2009-01-12

Jared gets +20 points for using 'jigger' in a sentence, and we'll toss in another +5 for mentioning the Tanq.


Hi there, I was just checking out your blog and noticed the thread on your little guy. Has he had a chest xray since the fever started?

Betsy King2009-01-11

Oh no! :( Poor guy.


We know all about those! Plenty of experience :) What meds is he on?

Jared Henderson2009-01-10

We just put about a half a jigger of Tanqueray in there, and it seems to help :)


Awh Win!


bummer. hope it helps!

christy pacanowski2009-01-10

4 days of fever??...im doing the math and im not feeling so good about when that fever started :)