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Some ideas are good ones. Others are not.

May 27, 2008   |   by Rachel

Yup, those are carrots in his nose.  He was fiddling with his vegetables, which he was supposed to be eating, when he started whining.  I looked and discovered the results of his labors.  He had shoved carrots up his nose.  I'm pretty certain that I got all of them out (yes, he had more than one carrot square in one nostril).  He seemed to have good air flow from both sides after the extraction.

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OMG! So, all 2 yr olds do thus then. Actually, good to hear! LOL! What a cutie! ~gyl


and look at that smile through it all! can't wait to show this to kiran. he has to take things out of kids' noses and ears all the time!


Didn't one of the cousins use to put raisins in his ears? Ah those tricks you don't want them to try. Glad the extraction was successful.


I guess he's gotta learn somehow!


i am once again impressed with your ability to grab the camera first, deal with the interesting choice second! ;)