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Some sort neurotransmitter started firing dopamine into my system...

October 03, 2009   |   by Rachel

...when I saw the smiling 1970s era butcher, baker and candlestick maker happily wobbling back and forth in their washtub.  A good garage sale became a great one when I passed by this gem.  Some sort of Freudian unconscious memory was awakened upon seeing this fantastic toy.  I'm certain that I played with this activity board when I was a baby.  I had a sudden surge of delight when Harriet made the little rabbit click, click, click across the bottom of the board.  I could hardly keep my hands from the satisfying feeling pressing the squishy red button to make the bell ring.  It was $1.  It came home with us. [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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Mrs Kool2009-10-03

I SOOOOO remember this too! Harriet is precious, by the way! That was $1 well spent.


i LOVED that toy!! what a classic. hattie looks more & more like jared in every picture, imho. :)


oh, how fun!! i had the same one when i was little and probably wouldn't have even remembered it if i hadn't seen this!

Lindsay Post2009-10-05

I too had this wonderful toy until it went the way of the garage sale. Could it be...? PS--Hattie reminds me of a DJ spinnin' the tunes in the first pic!

Betsy King2009-10-03

Yep, I suddenly want to click that phone dial. Dang you!!! I'm twitching now...

michelle sidles2009-10-03

yayayayyaaaayyyyy!!! We had that growing up and the mere sight of it feels me with warm happiness!! Lucky kids!! :)


Don't you just love dial that helps them learn to use the phone.


oh wow, i had that too! i can see why you were drawn to it. it's the perfect toy. brings back so many memories....

Judi Delis2009-10-05

What a beautiful child, her eyes say everything!