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Some sort of hidden inner devil is revealed whenever I'm the subject of flash photography.

December 22, 2009   |   by Rachel

I am the queen of red eye!  I must have the most enormous retinas or something.  I'm often the only one with glowing red eyes in group photos.  If there is a flash on, my eyes are red, even of no one else's is. Last weekend we went to a fabulous fondue and white elephant party.  5 of the girls showed up in purple.  Jared wore purple too, but I don't think that he wanted to be in our purple picture ;-) 091218-fondue-001

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Betsy King2009-12-23

You look incredible! I need you to go shopping for me! What is that around your neck? Me likey!!!

Steve Post2009-12-22

GASP! But, have you seen my shot? Red-eye free, baby! And naturally, too - no eye-touch-up. ;)


ooh, i love your skirt, rach. you have great taste!

Christy Martin2009-12-23

Who would possibly notice red-eye with that awesome outfit you're wearing?!?! So cute!