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Some things just must be photographed

August 02, 2011   |   by Rachel

Yes, I am a snobby, over-educated, WASP living downtown.  And I'm a terrible speller.  But somethings just must be photographed.  Both of these signs are on our block.  And I giggle when I see them.  The care that went into both of them.  One person clearly took some time to get a new fresh marker with plenty of juice to make bubble letters in a font that she probably perfected in the 7th grade.  The other actually printed their sign on a computer.  Getting a printer to work takes at least a PhD in our house (at least our printer does, but printers and AT&T are apart of the axis of evil so don't even get me started).  Anyway, giggle along with me and maybe next week I'll post a photo of my favorite Holland sign from a local park.

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Hi Rachel, I just discovered your blog and looked at your kid pics. They are so fun, esp. the underwater shots. That set with the Lawn More for sale cracked me up. Great stuff.




I am LITERALLY laughing out loud!! Please post the Holland park sign... please!!


Ha!!! Lawn-More! That's epic! =)