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Somedays are hat days...

February 25, 2009   |   by Rachel

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no one told me harriet now has hair!


Too cute. One day while they were here, they both wore Win's skivies (sp?) around on their heads, too bad I didnt' have my camera around like mommy.

Steve Post2009-02-26

Somebody's having fun with wide angle and DOF! These are great shots. And from one hat lover to another: Harriet, I tewtally approve of that last hat - work it! Jou looks fah-boo-lous, dah-ling!


It's too bad you can't quite capture Win and Harriet's perfectly beautiful eyes.


My fav is the hat, mittens, and undies. ;)

Eileen Broderick2009-02-26

Wow! These are adorable. Do you mind me asking--what camera and lens are you shooting with? The focus is just killer--so sharp! Your kids are such great models!

Rachel Henderson2009-02-26

Thanks Eileen! Great work by the way I really like that recent newborn shoot you have on your blog. I'm shooting the new Mark II. I've had it a couple of weeks now and it is really amazing. These were all shot at ISO 1000 and higher. The lens is Steve's 28mm 1.8 that I'm borrowing and now planning on buying. I also use a little selective sharpening on the eyes (yes, yes, it's Photoshop) But it only looks good on already tack sharp images.