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Someone's 3

February 28, 2009   |   by Rachel

I'm still trying to figure how our new little baby turned into a kid (a kid with a little sister no less). He is 3 today. Win is creative and fun and sitting on my head right now. He has the vocabulary of a 5-yesr-old, at least that is what it seems like to me. He loves fruit, playing pretend and Harriet. He really loves Harriet. The way that Win treats her is so sweet to watch.  He's taken to calling her "sweetheart."  I think that it's really cute.  He is cautious, yet he really loves adventure.  It's really cute to see him try to balance his natural cautiousness with his curiosity.  He loves friends and is a great playmate.  Mostly he'll go along with whatever else is happening and loves to join in. We really love our Winfield and Jared and I couldn't be happier.  We often ask each other how it is that we got the best little boy ever. His finger dexterity isn't quite at the same level as his vocabulary.  Here he is trying to make his hand into a 3. aimg_0407-photoshoped-2

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Happy Birthday Win! Give a big hello to your folks for me!


Happy Birthday, Win! We love you so much! Sarah, Jamie, JoJo, Stella, and Davis