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Sometimes people ask me for...

July 22, 2012   |   by Rachel

...advice about toilet training.  I always feel useless.  We have out battles in our house, but so far potty-training isn't one of them.  Win and Harriet nearly trained themselves.  I've been wondering about Dale and whether or not she'll follow suit or go her own direction.  She's pretty strong-willed so I wasn't eager for a battle over this. This afternoon I was reading to her and she hopped of my lap and began incessently saying, "pee-pee, pee-pee"  Then she went over to the toilet and stood with her back to the seat and yelled it.  I took off her diaper and set her on the toilet seat, she deliver on her promise.  Then she asked for books :-)  


Denise Crews2012-07-26

she wants to be like Sis and Bro! that's awesome! she's pretty young to potty train it seems!

Lisa Koedyker2012-07-26