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January 30, 2008   |   by Rachel

picture-1.png Yesterday mid-day I went for a walk with my friend Lora. It was 48 degrees out. The snow was melting, drip, drip dripping and it smelled like spring. Jared was at work, 5 miles away, and planning on working late because of an evening event. Then the storm hit. Whoosh! Crash! Thunder and lightning! 10 degree gusting winter winds. The storm progressed. The phone rang. It was Jared. He had tried to drive home but after going 20 yards he decided that it wasn't worth it. He couldn't see and everything was encased in ice. The police were telling people not to go out on the streets--at all. Jared's not one to be slowed by a little winter driving, but this storm shut everyone down. He found a couch and slept at work--five miles away but unable to get home. It was 48 degrees at noon and pleasant for walking. By 10:00pm it was 10 degrees and Jared was stranded in Zeeland. That's variety!

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tell jared he can crash at our place if he's ever stranded in zeeland again... it can be a pretty scary town. :) this morning i had no idea how bad it was out (no clue that every school in town was closed) -- although i gathered some idea when i had to pour hot water on my car doors to get them open -- and headed to ultimate only to find that my aerobics class and the childcare had been cancelled. so we stopped and got a donut instead.


Wow, I am glad he stayed put!


The same thing happened to Ryan last night! He called me at 11 and said that he was going to stay out at his parent's house because the roads were too dangerous! I thought that I was the only one husbandless last night.