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Super thanks to Christy Pacanowski

October 31, 2008   |   by Rachel

Yesterday, my friend and fellow photographer, Christy Pacanowski took a couple of pictures for me. Just at the right time the fabulous October breeze swept through making me look like a model with a fan on. Love it. Thanks Christy!

Christy does some amazing work. If you're looking for a family and senior portrait photographer in the Holland Zeeland area, check her out! She's great.

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Rachel Henderson2008-10-31

You noticed :-)

christy pacanowski2008-10-31

you are one hot mom rachel! i think your clients will also want to see some of those smokin' straight face pics :) jared and rachel- are you guys communicating through your blog? i knew it was bad for us when shawn emailed me from his blackberry upstairs while i was working downstairs.


Fabulous picture!!!!


Smokin! But, you neglected to mention that this picture will soon be temporarily gracing the blogs of thousands of photographers worldwide... Also, I like your use of search-engine optimized anchor text for Christy's business. :)


You look beautiful Rachel! :)

Betsy King2008-10-31



Great photo! I'm really missing the photography tips! :) I was hoping you could talk about your preference or how you use your focus points!?

Geoffrey Meyer-van Voorthuijsen2008-12-25

Nice shot. Found your blog when I saw some photos (I believe you took) from my cousins wedding last sumer. They were really great and I remember everyone commenting about how hard you were working. I work in a banquet facility and rarely have I seen photographers at those kind of events who seemed so single-mindedly focused on getting every detail right. Example here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/geoff_mv/2786527608/ Those shots of the library-in-a-box are also super.


I love this picture of you!!! I am super jealous of your hair! I have passed through your blog a couple of times. I enjoy seeing your pictures. THanks for sharing your talent!