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January 14, 2012   |   by Rachel

This week is Win's week to be the "superstar" for the class.  He gets some sweet privileges like eating lunch in the book nook and being interviewed in front of his class.  The teacher sent home this sheet to fill out over the weekend.  Win was so excited that he grabbed it and filled it out.  I had no idea what he was writing.  Here are Win's thoughts on himself. The green writing is mine.  I thought that there might be some spots that are difficult to read.  His school gives out little paper fish to kids who are "caught being good".  The "get fish" answer is about that.

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Love the colors in this picture and the content to boot! Rachel, have been loving this blog for two years. It's weird to enjoy someone's pics and blog so much, watch kids grow up, and not know that well in "real" life. Thanks for sharing. Btw, Christen and I LOVE the superswaddle that you turned us on to... Samuel slept 8 hours 3 nights in a row when we started implementing it. We'll see what tonight holds!


This is wonderful! What surprises me most about it is that he knows what candy is!


his favorite place is ohio??! that's so sweet. and i adore his one wish in life, to have the force.


This is so sweet- I love that he wants to go to Hope College like his mom and dad!!

Benjamin Tennant2012-01-15

Yes, Hope College. Definitely!