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Take 34

November 01, 2011   |   by Rachel

Dale has a new trick. She's been walking a bit lately. She usually takes only about 5-7 steps, but she loves to do it. She practices all of the time, every chance she gets she's taking steps…except when we try to get a video. I get out the camera and he legs become jello. She flops down and crawls.

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Yay Dale! :) Fun video to watch!

Jodi Sotok2011-11-01

Seriously Rachel~ what a cute video!!! We really should meet at the aquatic center again soon. I miss chatting with you. :)


haha, so cute! i love to hattie walking by in a skirt, purse, and no shirt. :)


My 1 year old baby don't walk! Congrats Dale!