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May 13, 2006   |   by Jared

For those of you who haven't seen Win in a little while, one of his favorite new activities is talking. If you can get him to look straight into your eyes, just about anyone can get him to talk. 'Talking' consist of you making high-pitched cooing noises and him returning the favor. He will usually talk back and forth with you indefinately, or until something bright or shiny enters into his peripheral vision, then you've lost him. Here's a shot of Win chatting it up with his uncle Matt. I'll post some video of him talking sometime soon.


Bonnie Dean2006-05-13

That is just tooo cute! I can't wait to see him and do some chatting too. That Bumbo chair is quite unique. It makes him look in control -- like he is holding court. . .needs a black robe for that though -- or maybe his doctor shirt.


check out those pectorals!