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Talking...a lot

October 22, 2007   |   by Rachel

Winfield has really learned how to talk. He spends most of his time running around the house identifying things. He finds something that he knows how to say and then repeats that word roughly 20-30 times. He's a little chatterbox; Jared and I do quite a bit of ignoring.Yesterday Jared and I were in the living room talking and Win had been running through the room shouting something repeatedly. After he'd said it roughly 30 times Jared and I tuned in and realized what he was saying. He was shouting, "cold bits!" "Bits" is his word for his male parts. He had spilled some water down his front and into his diaper. Now he had "cold bits."

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Very funny.


that IS funny.

Jared Henderson2007-10-22

Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode about cold bits?

sheetal patel2007-10-22

too cute!

george in a swimming pool, if i remember correctly.