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Tan and Fit

May 10, 2008   |   by Rachel

My skinny tan parents have returned from their winter home in Arizona.  This was the first year that they wintered in AZ and I don't think that it will be their last.  They are tan fit and full of stories of the fun that they had.  Missing their grandkids, they came up for a short weekend. We walked down to the Tulip Time parade.  Pictures courtsey of my parents Harriet enjoyed playing with my dad. Win couldn't take his eyes off the parade. My sister and her husband drove over from GR.  Here we are fooling around with some squirrel oven rack openers that we made on 7th grade shop class.  My mom is cleaning house and we inherited these. Here I am instructing my mom in the basics of using my camera. She did a pretty good job![](/00710-tan-and-fit-06.jpg "080510_051008-0018-edit") We all went out to our favorite Chineese buffet.  Win ate so many fresh strawberries that his stomach hurt.  He's a little like his mom.



hi rachel, i just came across your blog when researching blog design templates...it's so fun discovering another great photographer in the area!


"oven rack openers"?

Betsy King2008-05-11

awwwww, I miss running into your parents on walks in my old neighborhood. : )


It was a great visit! Great to see all the kids and grandkids! We even got to skype Jed, Sara, and the girls too! So it almost felt like the whole family got together for Mother's Day.


Looks like a really fun day, great pictures! I bet your parents missed all of you.