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July 30, 2014   |   by Rachel

For the past several months Winfield has been toting around his stuffed fox, James.  James follows Win pretty much everywhere.  At meals he gets a bite.  When Win reads James sits so that he can see the pages and read too.  One time Win read without James.  Later I saw Win flipping thorough the pages and  sticking James's nose in each page.  I asked Win what he was doing.  He explained, "James is catching up."  James has gained some friends, Snowey the white tiger and Splash the red-tailed hawk.  They stick together and follow Win around. This morning Win was working on his homeschool but his entourage was not with him.   I found them all in the dining room playing homemade pan flutes.  

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Benjamin Tennant2014-07-30

Love it! I want to see them in person.

Maria Straatsma2014-07-30

This is so incredibly awesome!!!!

Ann Brown Bowers2014-07-30

Awesome. Just plain fun!