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The next step

September 24, 2007   |   by Jared

Very little is happening. Which you probably could tell by the fact that we have posted three times already. This girl refuses to budge. Rachel hasn't even started having contractions yet, and we've been here since 7am. So, a few minutes ago, they broke her water. Still no contractions. I know yall need something to do at work, so I'll keep bringing the updates. Hopefully something will happen soon.

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is that really what it looked like?!


I am impressed.


We are very excited. That's neat that Win got to stop by :)


I actually am tracking this from work--thanks for the updates! Cody and I are praying for all four of you today!

Postmaster Steve2007-09-24

Hm. Nice photo choice. I don't know if I should laugh or cringe! :P

I'm also tracking from work. Thanks for the updates!


Thanks for the updates! It is entertaining for those of us at work. :)


stella was born very quickly after they did that for us...less than 2 hours. we had the same experience with the pitocin--all talk & no action. thinking of you guys!


We will break dividing walls!???! Praying for you guys.