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The origination of a half-decent superstition

October 29, 2008   |   by Rachel

Since knocking on wood made the short list of popular superstitions I guess I don't know what it takes to create a really good one.  But the other day while taking out the trash, or some other benign reason for stepping outside, I looked down and saw this little blue feather on my doorstep.  I tried to take a picture of how perfectly it was left there, just like a small present, but I couldn't do it justice.  There, right in the center of my perfectly plain cement steps sat this brilliant blue feather.  It's like life was saying to me, "Have a nice day, here's a blue feather."

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pretty! I totally understand what you're talking about...how nice.

Steve Post2008-11-14

What a beautiful post! I absolutely love it when little 'gifts' drop in on us like that. God's creation never fails to impress. But an FYI: that feather isn't actually blue! Weird, huh?


wow, what kind of bird could that have possibly come from? it looks real, right?

Rachel Henderson2008-10-29

I'm guessing that it was a blue jay since I see those in our yard from time to time. I don't know much about birds so really that's my only guess. If it were red I'd have said cardinal (are you impressed). It very much had the look of a feather left from a bird. Maybe 3 seconds before I stepped outside a black cat crossed my doorstep dragging a dead blue jay. My bad day was turned into a good one :-) If I were you I'd ask Ezra what type of bird it was. He'd know better than anybody.