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The Snowy Day

January 07, 2008   |   by Rachel

Our friends Steve and Lindsay have the best taste in children's books. For Christmas they bought Win The Snowy Day. It's a classic. This week he has had his own snowy day experience.

He tried to catch it with his tongue.
He threw it.

He got it on his face...
..and learned that it isn't easy to wipe off.He trekked all over the yard leaving Winfield tracks behind him. His tracks look remarkably similar to a mountain range.

He ate 3 icicles, stayed out for an hour and a half and came inside because my toes were too cold to stay outside anymore. I think that he could have lived out there for several days eating icicles and smashing snowballs.

Today all of the snow is gone.

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grma dean2008-01-07

How beautiful! Honestly I miss snow like that!

I have on my cpu home page all the weather spots for AZ, MI, IN, FL and CA so I have in mind the weather of all the lives of all the significant in my life. And Monday in ALL locations there was rain and the temperature some where between 56 and 63 degrees.


So much fun! Our snow is all gone too, booooooo.



I just about ripped off my big toenail hiking with my chacos through a shallow river bed. I do miss the snow a little, though. These pictures are awesome.

Rachel Henderson2008-01-08


Hiking through a shallow river bed wearing Chacos sounds like heaven. I love he snow but I love rivers more.


I Miss Win!!! He looks like the Snowy Day boy in his little red coat. =)