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The UPS guy came. I can now begin my pursuit of shocking coolness.

October 30, 2009   |   by Rachel

For the past several months there has been something standing in between myself and total unhindered coolness.  Yesterday the UPS man arrived to deliver my instant-rock-star-in-a-box lens.  I was so excited about its delivery I posted signs on both doors so that I wouldn't miss him.  I showered with my robe next to the shower and the bathroom door open.  Sure enough, bang bang bang, I jumped my soapy self into my robe and to the door to sign for this beautiful piece of glass.  Oh I am sooo excited! Now that I own this wide angle goodness I can begin shamelessly copying photographers like Nate and Jaclyn, Max and Sean.  Warning, if you click on the these links you'll soon discover the total awesomeness to ultra talented photographers.  I'm pretty certain that these guys were born with cameras in their hands and never discard a single picture. Thankfully yesterday was beautiful.  The kids and I went to the park and we all played. [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]


David Blair2009-11-06

It looks like you all had fun

Bruce Henderson2009-11-04

Great pics by a great photographer. The lens is secondary. - GG

Betsy King2009-10-30



crap, now i want one too!

michelle sidles2009-10-30

COOL lens!!!!! :)


Very Cute Canon 24mm F1.4 Good lens good pics!


really cool-looking

Christen Bordenkircher2009-10-31

love it!!!!!!


I love every single photo! Now, I want an 'instant-rockstar-in a box lens!


Beautiful shots....I love everyone! Now, I want the instant rockstar in a box lens! LOL


Amazing shots. Love the one of Win ON the drinking fountain.


ok, those are fricking sa-weet!!!! i am jones-ing so bad!


Don't you just hate when that happens?! Gorgeous shots - sigh... now I really, really want that lens. I am using an old 10-22mm EFS that is screaming to be upgraded.

Kerri Banyas2010-01-08

shoot...i'll have to make lasagna and give back rubs for a month before Drew will let me get it...but it would be totally worth it! That lens rocks!


What is the equivalent to this lens for Nikon? Your photos and site are gorgeous, sparkling, impossible to forget!


Wow.....amazing photos


love your pics! want that lens!! did you have to touch up the above (pics of the kids outside) at all w/ photoshop, etc?? thanks! -c