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They all say that you should read to your kids when they are young.

June 08, 2010   |   by Rachel

But I say, you should teach the young kids read to the young kids.  It saves a lot of time! Yesterday Baby Nate came over for a bit in the afternoon.  I needed to put Harriet down for her nap so I laid Nate on the floor of Win's room and told Win to take care of him.  When I returned to his room Win had tucked himself and Nate under Win's favorite blanket and he was reading sentences from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to him.  It was simply too much!  Nate seemed to like it too, at least he didn't seem to want Win to go anywhere.

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Priceless and a fabulous idea! Loving that last photo!

Jim Hughes2010-06-08

The first photo grabbed my attention right away because my professor wife is always encouraging people about kids reading, even to the point of buying them books. Then I saw the second surprise photo. What a great capture!


oh my goodness....that is simply too much. for some reason it looks like that baby is standing against a wall, which is pretty funny. those are adorable.

Tammy Nelson2010-06-25

This is awesome !!! I adore these pictures !!

Lindsay Post2010-06-09

Cute overload!!!


That is adorable!!