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Things to Do

December 07, 2006   |   by Rachel

Win is a very hard worker. He has many things that he has to do everyday. Several times a day the doorstop needs to be checked. He makes sure that it gets done.

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grma dean2006-12-07

I'm way over due in having my door stops checked. You are so blessed that Win keeps that task done frequently for you! Does he do windows and vacuum too?

Rachel Henderson2006-12-07

He does do windows and vacuum. He uses his tongue to clean the windows and he loves to clean the carpets. He will eat everything off your floor. All he asks is that you change his diaper when he is done.

grma dean2006-12-08

I'm courious as to whether or not Win gives the same report on the function and status of the doorstop each time he checks it. He seems to have a definate evaluation that he reports with authority.


I would love a translation of that report!

Rachel Henderson2006-12-10

Johanna seems to have been able to translate his report. He is saying, "It does it. It does it. . . Yep, It did."


Another great talent for my grandson. Smarter than your average chomper.