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This is the kind of stuff that you have to do on the weekends...

October 09, 2011   |   by Rachel

…when you live in THE MOST GORGEOUS PLACE IN THE WORLD.  Gosh we love Holland and it's stunning beauty.  On Saturday night we kicked around at Kollen Park, umm…perfect park on a perfect evening.  The this morning we hiked the south loop at Saugatuk Dunes.  Really, how do we live here?  I feel like I live on vacation living so close to so many beautiful places.

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Steve Post2011-11-01

Agreed. Lins and I are regularly awestruck by how beautiful an area we live in!


and THATS why you always have a cover for camelbak mouthpieces.

Grandma Jan2011-10-09

MI is wonderful and it was showing off its stuff this weekend for sure!


What a beautiful day with clear blue skies! Looks great!