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This is what our street looked like a couple of hours ago

July 11, 2011   |   by Rachel

A really crazy thunder storm came through.  It's pretty crazy around here.  There are trees down all over the place.  This is just a tiny sample of the wreckage.  I was at least 12 huge trees uprooted, several power lines and countless limbs down in the 3 block area that I saw.  Every Tom, Dick and Harry  who owns a chain saw is out in the street helping out.  I saw numbers husband wife teams.  Him carrying a chain saw and her with a gas can both sopping wet.Our street had 5 big trees down so I couldn't get home.  I parked here and walked with the kids.  We were headed out in our van when the storm hit.  It was real dodgy for a minute.  We waited it out parked next to a building so that we were away from trees and power lines.  I'm not that jumpy of a person but this was really scary.The cars were having a hard time letting the fire trucks through.  This one was honking and honking.It's like this all over the place.

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oh my gosh! those trees are enormous! glad you all are safe.

Denise Walburg2011-07-11

oh Rachael! I'm so glad everyone is ok!!


WOW!!!! This is so insane! I'm glad you guys are safe!!


Glad you and the kids made it okay. I see OZ undamaged in the pix too! Wow!! That must have been very scary!

Lisa Koedyker2011-07-11

Well...this would explain why there were SOOOO many cars coming down 17th. Although they were having to drive behind a City of Holland vehicle that was pushing a tree out of the way...and through a flooded street flowing with trash from the knocked over trash cans. Your street looks like it has many more trees down. Yikes!


Wow! That's crazy! We're supposed to get some strong storms in a few hours...hope it's nothing like that!


glad you all are ok. we've had several storms like that this summer and it is really scary.


we had a house in the neighborhood hit by lightening and catch on fire, Thankfully no one was hurt, but all their belongings were lost. so sad...