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This morning I gave in...

April 12, 2011   |   by Rachel

...and did something that I said I'd never do.   I bought something from the grocery checkout lane area. When we check out at the grocery store I let the kids play with the little toys as much as they like.  I figure if Meijer wants to put a bunch of toys one foot off the ground in a place that children must go, then they deserve to have their inventory manhandled.  If they chose to market to my children then they can have their inventory abused by penniless kids.   But I'm never buying whatever they are playing with--as a precedent.  It's worked very well.   The kids love playing with the stuff.   As soon as it's time to go they tuck it back on the shelf without a fuss and we are off. Today when we were approaching the checkout lane Win shouts, "Look! The Civil War" and he grabs a Time Magazine about the Civil War off the shelf and starts to read it. He poured over it until I was done checking out.  He didn't ask, but I bought the magazine. He is just like his dad.   I was eyeing Rachael Ray's "Ten Tempting Treats that Tame the Tummy" or some such other blather.  Oh wait I remember Tina Fay was advertising her new color makeover.  Meanwhile my 5-year-old is learning more about U.S. history than I ever knew.

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I'd say that's a good give-in, especially since he didn't ask. I am always a sucker for a book or something educational that they like.

Rachel Henderson2011-04-14

As soon as he finishes the boxcar children we'll have to give him Killer Angels.

before doing ANYTHING, read the book » Rachel Henderson Photography Blog2011-04-14

[...] figured out why Win is so obsessed with The Civil War.  Now that the weather is nice he’s been outside as much as possible.  he’s really [...]


He is amazing!!! How are they going to keep him from getting bored in school???