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Those Poor Children

March 08, 2007   |   by Rachel

On Sunday night I heard a sermon about a woman who lives and ministers with underprivileged children.  She kept referring to them as children who "don't even have mittens".  Yesterday, as I was bundling Win up for a walk I realized that my kid was one of those kids.  His parents haven't bought him mittens.  I take an old pair of Jared's socks and put them on his arms when I think that he needs mittens.  Really they work great because he can't take them off very easily.  After our walk he played around the house for a while in his "mittens." Poor kid ;-)

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grma dean2007-03-08

Poor little Win - So deprived!

grma dean2007-03-08

Very inventive idea that keeps his whole arms warm and keeps those "mittens" on.


love his hair