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To Arizona and Back

January 15, 2010   |   by Rachel

The kids and I took a short trip to visit my parents in Arizona.  We enjoyed a couple of days with my parents doing their retired life.  We played a little pickleball.  Hiked the Waterfall Trail in the White Tank Mountains.  The only signs of a waterfall were the smooth rocks with a little puddle at the bottom.  I guess that it transforms into a beautiful falls during a rain.  The kids really enjoyed throwing rocks into the puddle.  Win and I climbed the rocks of the falls a little bit.  It was a really pretty hike. We swam, played and even sampled the local sushi restaurant. Since I had to take an Ativan every time I thought about trying to 2 kids and my camera gear safely through security I decided to pack only my point and shoot.




you are very brave! looks like a lot of fun. :)


You are brave indeed. Looks like a fun trip! :)


Love the slide show, and the song is great! I love to crank up the volume and watch it over and over! We had a great time with you three, actually 4, since one was hidden "in your tummy"! Come back soon!

Betsy King2010-01-17

That looks like a great trip! I love AZ! Your parents look awesome and your children perfectly behaved! Sounds like a dream to me!