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Too Quiet

June 26, 2007   |   by Rachel

I was just sitting here at the computer working on some wedding pictures when I noticed a very loud sound. It was the sound of silence coming from Win's room.
Almost everyday he spends some time playing by himself in his pack-n-play. He really likes this time. He usually sings and talks while he plays with his toys--but he NEVER sleeps. The silence was frightening. When I went in to check on him this is what I found. I guess an afternoon at the beach can tire out even the most energetic child. ZZZZZ. . . . .

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That is one tired Win. He is too cute with his bottom up in the air.


Good moment. Is Win's hair curly?

Rachel Henderson2007-06-26

It has a little wave to it. It gets a lot of additional texture from repeated applications of sunscreen to his head.


jamie & i are familiar with the scary quiet, too. it usually involves something very messy. :) we can't wait to see you, win!!