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February 28, 2008   |   by Rachel

Win hasn't gotten the hang of answering, "two" to the, "how old are you?" question. Here he is this morning. At the end of the 3rd clip he starts saying, "Goose" repeatedly. He made me laugh. Win is a real joker. He pays close attention people and looks for laughter. When he says something that makes them laugh he hones in on it and repeats it like a punch line. He usually starts cracking up himself and that makes everyone else laugh. He really likes to be on stage. We were at an Oscar's party and Win watched John Stewart's monologue. I honestly don't know who had people laughing more Win or John Stewart. Win would listen to Stewart and anticipate his jokes. He could tell when a joke was being told but didn't quite have the timing. Win would start laughing a deep belly laugh just BEFORE the punch line. That got everyone in the room laughing at Win and the whole scene snowballed into silliness. Can you believe that THIS little boy is two!?!?!? 060301_hugf-0001-edit.jpg

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happy birthday, buddy!!


Happy Birthday Win. Chloe knows how to read your name and it is on her calendar so she knew just what day it was when she woke up :)


happy birthday, win!!

Esther and Beatrice2008-02-28

Way to go, Win! Two is very fun. You get to drink low-fat milk now. We miss you :)


Great video, he is adorable and growing up way too fast.


What a great little video. I'm proud that he thinks of his grandpa when he's challenged. Happy Birthday Win!!!!