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Visit from the Grandfolks

February 10, 2007   |   by Jared

Today and last night WIn entertained visitors: his Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Jan. Grandma tried to help Win take his first steps (unsuccessfully) by a combination of Physical Therapy maneuvers and verbal intimidation (telling Win that his younger cousin Luke was going to walk first). We also had a nice brunch at Alpenrose, where Win happily sat in a kid chair and ate some dried cherries that the waitress brought him. Winfield especially enjoyed being repeatedly thrown into the recliner by his grandpa (see second picture).



I think Win is wearing "Jared" expressions in both those pictures. Very nice photos. Hope you all are having fun!


ah, the old throw-the-kid-into-the-recliner move...bruce tries that all the time with our kids and they love it!


Those are great pictures. Looks like a fun visit :)


Big smile, Win!

Rachel Henderson2007-02-27

In the top picture I think that Win looks like my dad.