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WARNING! Shameless bragging ahead

March 05, 2008   |   by Rachel

With only a little instruction from us Win studied and learned all of his letters before he turned two. He started to figure out the letters were neat and began obsessing over them until he learned all 26. Here he is sitting with Denise and going through a letter book that she gave him. The sound isn't the greatest and his elocution isn't exactly stellar, but you'll get the idea.

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Grandma Dean2008-03-05

Great job Win!

Lindsay Post2008-03-05

Oh my gosh, Winfield is so entertaining! Don't feel bad about bragging--I brag about Win and Harriet, and they're not even mine! =)


That was really good :) If I'm remembering right, he calls himself something like "Witwo"....and I heard him say that when he got to W. So smart!

Rachel Henderson2008-03-05

Yup, he knows that his letter is W.


wow, that's impressive! you're a smart little guy, winfield.

Betsy King2008-03-05

WOW! Teach me how to teach Miles that!!!! : )


Brilliant grandson!

Rachel Henderson2008-03-06

Betsy, You start my marrying a voracious reader. The rest just happens. I kid you not, we would have had to work hard to stop him from learning his letters. He was just so interested in them. Throwing a ball...that's another story. Jared said that he's been having fun emailing John. You guys are our FW doubles We LOVED your video on your blog. We were cracking up! Rachel