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We flew to Maine and back, then we bought lobsters at Meijer

August 06, 2010   |   by Rachel

A few weeks ago Jared and I dropped the kiddos off at my parents and we flew to Maine for a week.  It was a stunningly perfect vacation.  I'll blog more on that later.  The kids spent a while at my parents and the report was that they really hit the ball out of the park with their behavior.  Jared and I were really happy.  We decided that a fun reward would be to buy some fresh lobsters with the kids and the boil 'em at home.  We had a lot of fun. Each kid got to pick their lobster.  That was a real treat since they usually beg to se them in the tank every time we are at the grocery. I have a brave husband.We brought them home in the hopes that they would crawl around a little bit before we boiled 'em up.  They were a little...um...unenthusiastic.  We even tried sparing one with a stuffed cow.  That didn't work too well.  The kids were really brave about touching them. We tried to get the kids to name them.  They didn't want to.  Finally Harriet proposed that we name both of them, "friends."  I fond that oddly ironic since we boiled them about 90 seconds after she suggested this.   Delicious.Both of the kids really liked eating them, Win especially.  He would have eaten about 3 more had we bought them.  I guess we'll have to take them with us to Maine next time


Lisa K2010-08-06

A fun dining experience...for sure! I can't wait to hear about your Maine trip. That has always been on my list of places I want to visit.


What fun, start those kids early loving lobster ... yummy!

aMatone Photographer2010-08-09

Nice moments which compose a photo story. Interesting use of different lenses. A memorable day!

Jerald Lair2015-04-27